Monday, August 29, 2011


As you know, we will have a large ad in the November issue of Southwest art magazine that will coincide with the Miniatures Competition...our first online show.
Southwest Art will also send an email blast to their entire subscriber list announcing our show. If you have not yet entered the show...PLEASE DO.....the deadline for entries is October 1st. Here is the link to enter

This show will be up on the CFAI website from October 1st through December 28th, the entire Holiday season....we chose Miniatures as the theme, to hopefully provide original art to buyers at gift giving prices.

The Ad....
We will begin with one page of 20 artists at 100.00 each..Square images
And.. One page of 9 artists at 225.00 each. (ALSO SQUARE IMAGES) The page of 9, as usual , will have your personal website url below your image.
We will purchase additional pages as needed. You MUST reserve to
by Monday, September 5th. This is over a holiday please don't put it off
and forget..reserve asap. The spots are first come first serve. You must state in your email to me which ad you are reserving for..the 100.00 space or the 225.00 space,and you must include a contact phone #...many forget to do is critical, as we have a deadline and if there is an issue with your image we must be able to contact you immediately.. Images will be due to
NO LATER than September 8th.

Image requirements for the AD are below

*type in the subject box SWAadyourname
*title your image swayourname.jpeg
(type your name exactly as you want it to appear in the ad)
*your High resolution SQUARE image..must be either 300 dpi at 6" OR
72 DPI AT 18"
*include your phone # in your email with your image...and if you are doing the 225.00 ad, be sure to include your website url.

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