Monday, May 7, 2012

New Art Scam

Here is a letter received by from one of our artists letting us know about an email scam to be aware of.

 I recently received an email, ostensibly from Belgium, (written by someone who did not seem to be a native English speaker) inquiring about the purchase of one of my photographs.  Sounded like it might be a scam, but since the sender said that he would mail me a certified check, I answered.  Then received a reply laying out all of the  'customer's' information.  Definately sounded like a scam so I replied that no transaction could take place until the check had cleared my bank.  I usually receive no further emails after that.

This time, however, I received a large check via UPS today.  It was for several thousand dollars and, in light of the fact that the item he wished to purchase was only $150.00, it made no logical sense.  Of course, he wanted me to forward the balance to someone else.  Sounds familiar, huh! Both the sender and the receipient
of the forwarded funds were in the US. Upon taking it to my bank, (my banker called the issuing bank)  it developed that while the check was a real check, the account upon which it was drawn has had a number of fraudulent check written on it recently.

There were two names other than my original correspondant involved - one to send the UPS in San Deigo and the other to receive the funds in Conneticut. Neither name or address corresponded with name and address on the check.

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  1. These scams are getting more and more sophisticated. I got one just yesterday that I thought was legitimate. After they said they would be sending a certified check and have an agent pick up the work, I replied in large bold font, NO CHECK, NO AGENTS, NO DEAL!!!! Needless to say, I didn't hear back. Use a Paypal account for payments and don't even consider anyone that wants to pay in any other method.