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Artists who blog consistently and on multiple sites have higher online sales and significantly more traffic to their personal sites. 

If you want to sell work consistently online, you MUST have a strong internet presence. 
This takes time and persistence, but is effective if done properly. That being said, below are a few blogging basics to help you maximize the success of your posts.

Blogging Basics - Maximize your Posts:

Include your name/tagline in the title box as well as title of painting and subject, but LEAD with some key words.

Example.. Abstract Landscape Painting "Reflections #43"by Colorado Contemporary Artist Kimberly Conrad 

(Contemporary Colorado Artist Kimberly Conrad) This is my tagline, you use yours
 Another example:  Colorado Impressionist Judith Babcock

Repeat some of those words in the body of your post when you write your description Example…8"x10" abstract landscape painting…..etc 

Always use your labels box…do not enter too many keywords, only what is appropriate for the   painting you are posting and your tagline

Example: abstract landscape paintings,contemporary landscape paintings,Colorado contemporary artist Kimberly Conrad,sunset art paintings

CRITICAL--- Do NOT abuse the labels box, use ONLY what pertains to that painting-for example, if the painting is of sunflowers, but you also paint horses and landscapes....do NOT put the words horses and landscapes in the labels box. GOOGLE will penalize you for this andyour work will NOT be found in the search engines!

We would like to challenge you during the coming year to be consistent with your blogging, both on your personal blogs and the International blogs. 

Blogging consistently and on multiple sites is CRITICAL to building a strong Internet presence, which is why we created our state and specialty blogs, to provide you with multiple forums for posting your work. 

While blogging is certainly not required, it is a perk of Where ART Lives membership that we strongly encourage you to take full advantage, as it will be of great benefit.

NOTE*** PLEASE RESIZE IMAGES TO 500 PIXELS OR LESS BEFORE UPLOADING THEM TO ANY OF THE  BLOGS, and consider adding a watermark. This is to reduce the risk of copyright theft.

Happy Painting!

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